Webcam Info follows:   We have 5 Webcams at the snowmobile club house grounds.  #1 is the ftp MicroSeven5mp  #2 is the StarDotXL and 3,4,5 are picture on demand cameras.

Camera #1  MicroSeven5mp Webcam is Online    HERE

Camera #2 StarDot XL Webcam - pictures are located HERE

Camera # 3  - NorthQ Camera viewing the LH club parking lot and pavillion.  Click here for the JPEG image.

Camera #4 -  QSee7000 Camera viewing the Red Equipment building. This takes a single JPEG image.

Camera #5   - TrendNet IP314PI Camera viewing the field behind the Snowmobile club house - Click here for the JPEG image.

Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club Inc.

Temperature and Snow depth at the Snowmobile Clubhouse

 Webcam #2 image

Riding Info for the Laurel Highlands

 View DCNR reported trail conditions here

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Other Clubs in the Laurel Highlands Area include:

Maple Summit Snowmobilers

Rolling Ridge Snowmobile club

Look for the long term weather forecast on John Dee's page